Knit Naked

Sunday, July 8, 2007

If You Can't Beat 'Em ...

or throw the TV out of the window, I suppose the next best thing to do is join 'em.

As a Tour de France widow for these past 17+ years, I finally found a way to possibly enjoy the time my husband is talking incessantly about other men in short pants, and I've joined the Tour de France KAL, Yellow Jersey category. As luck would have it, the local bike shop owner's fiance (wife?) is having a baby ... right now! (Not really, but she's due any day.) So, I chose this pattern, and also this one. It's a cyclist's baby, the names are in French, quelle est la cote? And ... that's it for the French speaking portion of today's blogpost, tune in tomorrow when I ask what time it is.

I was thinking that I could be in the Green Jersey sprinters category, took a closer look at the Baby Wrap pattern, and that idea went straight out the window. I'm just hoping that when I'm done, it will resemble something like clothing, instead of a ... oh, I don't know ... a baked potato? (Let's just say that I'm not so good with gauge. How that translates into a baked potato, is anyone's guess, but that at least sounds more interesting then a two-man pup tent.)

Oh, was anyone hoping to hear about my progress? I'd love to tell you, let's see ... Joining the KAL, check. Finding a suitable pattern, check. Putting the button on my blog, check. And ... that's about it! No, I don't even have the yarn yet. If I were actually in the Tour de France, I'd still be at home, in my bunny slippers and pajamas, trying to figure out which end of the bike is the front. In my defense, however, I have put some serious thinking about if I'm going to go for the yarn requested in the pattern, or go for something a bit more clothes washer friendly. (And wallet-friendly, also. Mama needs a new pair of bike shorts!)

So, that's that, then. If you ask nice, I may even post pictures.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Sock Mojo

Well, I'm well on my way to actually finishing my first sock. I'm using the Yarn Harlot's Sock Recipe, and I've not yet snapped my DPNs in half. I'm done with the ribbing, and am on my way to the heel. I'll let you all know how THAT goes, but as the sock seems to be normal human sized and things are going rather swimmingly, I have high hopes for the heel portion.

I may even be able to post pictures.

I have nothing more to talk about, but it's a SOCK!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This Is Actually Quite A Clever Post Title

It is. You may not realize it, but it is.

I have no pictures to share, because my digital camera software ... is not so much software as crapware. I'm not going to name names (coughKodakEasySharecoughcough) because that would be wrong and mean.

I've just had a relatively and blessedly short visit from someone who I previously had boatloads of respect and general affection for. However, situations have changed, several true-nature-revealing-type instances have popped up between us, and although a portion of the respect remains, and a tiny bit of affection, things just ain't what they used to be. The visit basically consisted of her telling me what I should be doing, starting with the construction and remodeling of my back patio, to the tilework in my bathroom, to the profilic weeds taking root and threatening to devour my entire house along the sideyard. Siiiiiigh. Thankfully, she is apparently as disenchanted with me as I am with her, and the visit was short.

In other news, I have a sideyard! Coming from a woman who has spent her entire adult life bouncing around from apartment to apartment, these are dangerously exciting words to type.

Speaking of dangerously exciting, (and I totally admit that I may be just a tad too geared up for this) but I'm counting the days till the new Harry Potter book comes out. Oh, and I suppose that other one might be worth a look, too.

Um, how to bring knitting into the conversation, without mentioning anything Potterish and coming across as some sort of unwashed fanatic? Hmmmm .... my daughter has requested (without any prompting or poking with sharp sticks, even!) a Weasley sweater. That is just the coolest thing that ... well, damn. Looks like it's not possible, after all. (I am, however, washed. Quite regularly, too.)

Oh, and for the record? My lovely visitor today has informed me that she has books that are not Harry Potter, that I will like even MORE and won't be such a WASTE OF MY TIME. It's so good to have someone to do my thinking for me, so I can dedicate my mental energy on getting my socks onto the right feet.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Pardon Our Dust ...

but New Blogger sucks ass.

I hope to have Knit Naked back in all its splendidness soon.

Watch this space.